Linggo, Marso 24, 2013

Palm Sunday in The parish of Nuestra Senora de los Remedio

Domingo de Ramos
Linggo ng Palaspas

"Palm Sunday"


Palm Sunday, as we focus on Christ's entry into Jerusalem. This event, like all other events recorded in the Scripture, is more than a historical occurrence. It has a special significance that we need to be aware of, if we want the Bible to be a meaningful book for us. Jesus was going "up to Jerusalem", perfectly knowing, what will happen. He was about to face the greatest challenge in His life - trial and crucifixion, and the greatest triumph - glorious resurrection. He was determined. The biggest lesson we can learn from this story is that we don‘t need to shrink from challenges, for our greatest challenge has a potential to turn out our greatest victory. We don‘t have to be afraid anything that might happen with us, for, in Truth, there is nothing to be afraid of. Jesus knew this Truth and acted accordingly. Be rooted in Reality of things. Know that you cannot and never will be destroyed, because you are more than flesh and blood. You are a spirit. You are eternal. You are immortal. Your true nature is invincible, for it is God‘s nature. Sense knowledge has a tendency to absolutism sufferings. People, who think that they exist in three-dimensional world, are naturally inclined to do all they can to avoid challenges, to surround themselves with walls of self-defense, to protect themselves from all possible sufferings. Little do they know that by fearing physical pain and death, they put themselves into bondage of material world, and entangle themselves with deceptions of a carnal mind.- Roman Catholic Lesson

Mama (Buena) and Nikka

Yes! Family day!!!  So me and my mom together with my sister decided to get together , well we are late for the morning mass scheduled here in our Barangay. So we decided to go to Nuestra Senora de los Remedios Parish in Del Remedio,San Pablo City,Laguna. Their mass is scheduled at 10 am.

         I remember when I was a child like 8 years old, me and my brother grew up in a really religious family, we even joined the Children's Choir , when we used to live with our grandmother in Nagcarlan,Laguna. I remember when my gradma said, "Mga apo, Lingo ng Palaspas ngayon", eto and limang 10 piso", that means, in English, Buy your "Palaspas" my grand children, and go to church. We call her lola "Binay",and she is scheduled to go to church every Sunday 5 in the morning . Well as a child we are never tired of going to the church because we know it's family day, and after the mass snack time is ready to serve.

So now that I'm 24 years old turning 25 this year, and I  admit to myself I've been such a busy girl that I even forget to go to church. I'm hoping that I'll be more closer to him- God,because I've proven it! if you'r with Christ everything in your life will have direction.
Mama Nikka and Noena

Also I would like to share a short description of what Liggo ng Palaspas means, 

"Ang Domingo de Ramos o Linggo ng Palaspas ay ipinagdiriwang ng Simbahang Katoliko bilang paggunita sa matagumpay na pagpasok ni Hesus sa Herusalem. Ang araw ding ito ang siyang simula ng Semana Santa o Mahal na Araw."

          So I Just want to share some few photos of the lovely church here in  de los Remedios, also known as "WAWA" and we met this awesome family. I do apologize if I was not able to get their names,but they are dedicated people in the line of this simple business.


Also I would like to include the link of 
The parish of Nuestra Senora de los Remedios:, please check their website  if you want to know more information. 

I also would like to include here some of my personal readings, about Palm Sunday:, please feel free to continue your readings in the link. 


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